Strip Mall Mailer
Our company offers affordable and effective promotion for small businesses.  One of our marketing packages is called The Strip Mall Mailer.  This is a mailing and internet campaign designed to drive business in on a Strip Mall, Shopping Center, or Mall.

Our main promotional piece is The Strip Mall Mailer itself.  It is a 4 fold, legal size brochure that includes coupons for multiple stores in the Shopping Center.  It also includes a shopping center directory which gives the piece retainment value, meaning the recipient tends to retain or hold onto the item as a reference or for later use.  This is a big deal, as it promotes your shopping center each time it is referred to for a phone number, or just seen on the refrigerator, etc.  Check out the example below of The Strip Mall Mailer. 

Another aspect is a Shopping Center website.  If you already have one, this is perfect, and you should consider adding store coupons or discounts in the website.   If not, we can help you put together the perfect website for your center.

The website can be promoted using small (4”x6”) postcards directing your customers to the website for savings, which is our third aspect of the campaign.  This is an inexpensive way to remind them you are there.   

Using these three aspects you can flood your Shopping Center with body traffic.  An example might be: You can send The Strip Mall Mailer to residents in a few mile radius of the center, make sure your website is set up and then follow up quarterly with a postcard reminding the residents of the center and the savings.

The mailing lists can be customized to the appropriate public for your Shopping center, increasing your return even more.

In this time of economic stress and now right before the holidays, this is the best time to make your center known.  Our promotional slogan for your shopping center is “Savings and Convenience right in your community.”

We have packages for any budget.   Give us a try.  Click below to get information on the right package for you.
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